Exhausted mum shares reality of kids' school lunchboxes on days where she's 'too busy, too tired'

If you're a parent on social media it would be incredibly easy to fall into the trap of thinking every other parent is putting in more effort, especially when it comes to school lunches. 

Every day thousands of parents show off their children's extravagant and time-consuming lunchbox creations online, especially in Facebook groups like 'Lunchbox Mums', which is full of images of craftily cut sandwiches, homemade muesli bars and nutritious fruit and vegetable cups. 

But one Aussie mum's 'realistic' Facebook post has gone viral, showing what her kids' lunchboxes look like on the days where she's exhausted and just can't be bothered.

Posting on Facebook, the woman said that sometimes she fills her children's packed lunch with "plastic and pre-packaged snacks - complete with cash for a lunch order". 

"This is for all the mummas out there who see these posts of amazing, creative and balanced lunches, but are too busy, too tired or too broke to do the same," she wrote on Facebook.

"We all have these days! You know what, my child is fed and at the end of the day, fed is best."

The woman was praised for her 'realistic' post.
The woman was praised for her 'realistic' post. Photo credit: Facebook via. The Daily Mail.

Her honest post resonated with other tired parents, with many admitting they do the same when they're strapped for time or cash. 

"I won't lie, this is my kids' lunch every day minus the lunch order money," another parent admitted. 

"I work two jobs and struggle to find the time to cook dinner let alone make amazing lunches every day."

Other parents said mums and teachers need to stop being so "judgmental" about what parents pack for their kids.

It's a sentiment echoed by many parents. Earlier this year parenting columnist Shona Hendley said she's no longer beating herself up if her child's lunchbox "isn't 100 percent nutritious". 

"Yes, on occasion there will be plastic packets in my children's lunchboxes - bags of popcorn or pretzels," she writes. "I'm sorry. It's true, they like these plastic-wrapped snack items".