Five fresh ways to enjoy coffee on World Coffee Day

Show coffee some appreciation by switching up your order for once. Photo credit: Getty.

All coffee drinkers will know that that first sip of morning java can be an almost spiritual experience. Well if you needed even more reason to celebrate, here it is: October 1 is World Coffee Day, a time to celebrate all things hot, creamy and roasted. 

Typically New Zealand is a nation of pretty impassioned coffee drinkers. Whether you like a soy flat white, extra-hot latte or a long black with one sugar, you probably stick to the same brew every time. 

Well, we're here to change things up a notch - we're talking a dessert, a cocktail - even a pasta? 

Coffee expert Giovanni Infantino from De'Longhi has given us his favourite fresh ways to switch up your coffee appreciation - and they all sound bloody delicious. 

Classic affogato 

A great option for a lighter dessert to finish off a meal. Crush a few amaretto biscuits into the bottom of the glass, add a single scoop of ice cream (chocolate or nut is best) and pour over a shot of good quality espresso. Top with more amaretto biscuits - or for an extra special touch, an Italian liqueur.

Russian coffee

While many will be familiar with the Irish coffee, a lesser-known variant is the Russian Coffee. Create by mixing sugar, vodka, espresso, cream and crushed ice. Whip, blend or stir for your desired finish.

Coffee sorbet 

Combine sugar, espresso, water and an egg white to create this simple, summery dessert that is bound to transport you to a gelateria in Rome.


Bicerin is an aristocratic beverage from the old Italian city of Torino, created by the Conte Cavour. The key ingredients - cocoa powder and cinnamon - were extremely expensive at the time, which meant it was a drink reserved for the rich and powerful. So if you want to feel like an Italian noble at home, try a Bicerin. 

Coffee tagliatelle

Coffee is often used in Italian cooking for the rich, full-bodied flavour it can provide. For something completely different, try this recipe for coffee-infused fresh pasta for a truly impressive spin on this Italian classic.