Grant Robertson says he would consider veganism, if Duncan Garner keeps promise to go plant-based following Labour victory

Grant Robertson says he will consider going vegan - if Duncan Garner keeps up his end of the bargain and does it first.

Garner is currently eating humble plant-based pie after promising in July he would turn vegan for a year if Labour polled high enough to govern alone. On Saturday night, they did just that, gaining a whopping 64 seats in Parliament. 

In an interview with Garner on Monday, Robertson said he had been researching vegan restaurants in Wellington for the next time Garner visited the capital

"'I'll take you out to Aunty Minas for a tofu curry," the senior Labour MP quipped. 

"I'll pay my own way," Garner replied, before turning the focus on Robertson.

"Blokes like us, it'd be hard to go vegan - would you go vegan with me?"

Robertson said he would consider it, as he felt he could stand to lose some weight.

"It's been a bad year for me, exercise-wise - I've been a bit busy with one or two other things," he joked.

As Finance Minister, Robertson is in charge of the COVID-19 Budget - a whopping $50 billion in funds to help Aotearoa recover from the economic blow dealt by the virus. 

"Maybe I'll have to think about it," he told Garner.

"But I'll need you to lead the way on that."

Garner said he would - and then tried to trip the Labour MP into admitting his Party plans to govern alone, foregoing a coalition with the Greens.

"That must mean you plan to govern alone, that's what I said - if you govern alone, I'll go vegan."

Robertson wasn't having a bar of it

"Hang on, you're rewriting history here, that's not what you said - I don't remember that caveat in what you wrote," laughed Robertson.