'I've been farting a lot': Duncan Garner's revelations after commencing his vegan diet

The AM Show newsreader Amanda Gillies says she's "putting an end" to host Duncan Garner's vegan diet after revealing to her it's causing him to pass gas more than usual.

In July, Garner promised he would turn vegan if Labour polled high enough to govern alone. The party won in a landslide at Saturday's election picking up 64 seats - three more than needed to govern alone.

On Tuesday morning's show, Garner said he would stick to his word but Gillies on Wednesday jokingly insisted his diet should end.

"I'm putting an end to Duncan's diet," she told sports reader Mark Richardson.

"When you read your [sport] news, he leaned over to me and he said, 'I've been farting a lot'. On the basis of our safety, the diet is over."

But Garner said he would continue with his diet and insisted he "won't do it" in the studio.

Gillies said she was "nervous".

"I knew something funky was going down," she joked.

She went on to ask Medicines NZ chief executive Graeme Jarvis, who was in the studio awaiting an appearance on the show to discuss potential medicines that could be funded following the election, whether a vegan diet was healthy.

"It can be quite good but I think it's a case by case," Jarvis said. "I think it's about [a] balanced diet - that's really important."