'Plain stupidity': Bride and groom slammed by railway network for dangerous train track photoshoot

One UK bride has clearly misunderstood what it means to have a train on her wedding gown, taking a far more dangerous approach to the fashion trend. 

She and her new husband have been slammed by a major UK railway network operator after posing for wedding photos on an active train crossing in Scotland. 

Network Rail Scotland posted an image of the group - including the rest of the wedding party milling around - on its official Twitter account, captioning the snap: "pure stupidity". 

"We can't make it clearer," the post read. "Please, make sure you know the rail safety basics and pass that knowledge onto your loved ones. 

"Lead by example and stay off the tracks. No ifs, no buts - no tears."

An accompanying release from Network Rail and the British Transport Police revealed that there were 5100 trespass incidents over the lockdown period, with 1239 incidents recorded in September 2020 - the worst recorded for that month in five years.

"The railway is not an appropriate or safe setting for a photographic backdrop, no matter how scenic the setting," a spokesperson for the British Transport Police said. 

"Every time someone strays onto the rail network they are not only putting themselves at risk of serious, life-threatening injury but also delaying essential journeys. 

"Please, stay off the track".

It's not an issue isolated to the UK. Last year New Zealand train network KiwiRail released shocking footage of near-misses involving people lingering on railway tracks, in what the railway network said was just a few of the 300 incidents which happened over the year. 

A $26 million investment is currently being made by the Government to upgrade high-risk level crossings on state highways.