The Natural Confectionery Company releasing vegan gummy lolly in New Zealand

gummy lollies
Jelly lollies have previously been off-limits to vegans thanks to the gelatin content. Photo credit: Getty.

The demand for vegan treats continues to grow in Aotearoa with dairy, egg and meat-free versions of cakes, chocolate and even sausage rolls becoming more readily available to the plant-based public. 

Now, in great news for those with a sweet tooth, a vegan jelly lolly making waves over the ditch is set to be released to New Zealand stores this month. 

Most gummy lollies are generally off-limits to vegans thanks to the presence of gelatin - a colourless, flavourless food ingredient derived from collagen that's taken from animal body parts. 

But the Natural Confectionery Company - known for its 'don't bite the dinosaur daddy' advertising campaign - has announced it's launching its brand-new vegan-friendly product in Aotearoa this month.

With flavours like apple, blackcurrant, peach and pineapple, the gelatine-free recipe of the new 'Vegan Fruity Flavoured Jellies' will be ideal for any plant-based mates. 

Demand for a local release of the lollies came from several vegan Kiwi Facebook groups, with members requesting a New Zealand release to cater to the over 550,000 New Zealanders currently living a predominantly plant-based, vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. 

Will Papesch, the company's NZ-based head of marketing, says: "Kiwis have been asking for a vegan-friendly offer from [us] for some time now". 

"We're thrilled to be providing a new offering which will allow even more New Zealanders the opportunity to enjoy The Natural Confectionery Co's delicious taste."