The ultimate comfort food? Social media goes crazy for cauliflower cheese on toast

cauliflower cheese on toast
Cauliflower cheese may just beat avocado as the ultimate toast topping. Photo credit: Twitter/Del Sneddon; Instagram/Barry Lewis.

We didn't think it could ever happen, but it seems one toast topping may have edged out avocado as the hottest new food craze.

Putting cauliflower cheese on toast is a trend taking social media by storm, with everyone from experienced chefs to at-home foodies giving it a go. 

Cauliflower cheese is, of course, a classic side dish of cauliflower cooked in a roux sauce of milk, flour, butter and cheese, usually topped with breadcrumbs. It is delicious and comforting enough on its own - but when combined with toast, it's taken to a whole new level.

Scottish foodie and photographer Del Sneddon posted his creation on Twitter with a step-by-step guide that was retweeted by Nigella Lawson who added: "Cauliflower cheese on toast alert!"

The hashtag '#cauliflowertoast' on Instagram reveals over 1000 delicious looking results from home cooks who have tried their spin on the moreish treat.

British cook and YouTuber Barry Lewis made his version into a cauliflower toast grilled cheese, calling it "quirky and fun".

Foodie and NY Times writer Jenabeth Ferguson also had a go. 

"If you still think of cauliflower as that boiled, flavourless vegetable of your childhood this will be the recipe that changes your mind," she captioned an image of her creation. 

"[I used] a load of ciabatta instead of sliced bread and adding some lemon zest for a hit of acid. Perfect for a rainy night!

Of course, with cauliflower cheese toast beating out avocado toast as the new go-to veggie-on-bread-treat, it begs the question: will we all be one step closer to owning homes by making it?