'We bonded over this journey': Khloe Kardashian praises Kiwi influencer Libby Mattews after buying stakes in Dose & Co

Khloe Kardashian Libby Matthews
Kardashian praised the Kiwi businesswoman and said they went through similar journies of motherhood. Photo credit: Instagram/Dose and Co.

Khloe Kardashian has gushed she "bonded over this journey" of motherhood with Kiwi businesswoman and influencer Libby Matthews after buying a stake in New Zealand wellness company Dose & Co.

It was officially announced on Wednesday that the reality star was the new face of the Kiwi collagen supplier, after first having some of the product sent to her in the hope of a share on Instagram. 

Since then, Kardashian says she "fell in love" with the supplements, and now has a stake in the company. 

In a post on Wednesday, Kardashian raved about the similarity between her and Mathews' story. 

"Libby gave birth to her daughter around the same time I gave birth to True and we both found collagen to be hugely helpful in the stages of post-pregnancy," she wrote in a caption posted to the Dose & Co Instagram page. 

"Libby and I bonded over this journey and I loved how she was on a mission to make premium collagen accessible to more young mothers like us."

Earlier on Wednesday Kardashian shared a post to her 122 million followers about partnering with the brand as global spokesperson and investor.

Since Kardasian announced her stakes in the company, other family members have weighed in. Sister Kim Kardashian commented "Wow I NEED" on her post earlier on Wednesday, with their mother Kris Jenner adding on her Instagram Story the collaboration was "so exciting". 

"These collagen blends are amazing and so delicious," Jenner wrote. 

Matthews posted on her own Instagram that it was a "huge day" for the company and she was "so incredibly proud of the hard work and determination from the Dose dream team".

"I would never have thought that Dose & Co would be where it is now after launching 18 months ago."