Outrage after Allen's Redskin lollies renamed after Russian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo - the Red Ripper - raped and murdered 52 women.
Andrei Chikatilo - the Red Ripper - raped and murdered 52 women. Photo credit: Twitter @swasey_patrick / Facebook @Allen's Lollies

Popular Australian lolly brand Allen's have faced even more backlash after renaming their Redskins after a notorious Soviet serial killer.

Allen's parent company Nestlé announced on Monday the rename of Redskins to Red Ripper from 2021, due to racism complaints. 

But lolly fans were quick to call out the rebrand - a nickname used to describe Soviet serial killer Andrei Chikatilo.

Chikatilo murdered, mutilated and raped at least 52 women during a 22-year spree.

He was later executed in 1994.

The name change had sparked mixed reactions from lolly lovers on Twitter, who defended racist suggestions.

"It's a f**king lolly," one person wrote on Twitter. "It's named redskins cause that's the colour of your tongue when you eat too many."

Other people said it was a "bold move" to rename the lolly after a serial killer.

"I applaud Allen's bold move to change 'Redskins' to 'Red Ripper' to honour a Ukrainian Serial Killer who only murdered 56 women and children," one person shared on Twitter.

"Which genius at the Allen's lollies marketing department came up with the idea to rename Redskins to the nickname of Russian's worst serial killer???" Another wrote.

Nestlé announced the name change of Redskins following the claims the name was a derogatory term used to describe Native Americans.

"We hope Australians will support the evolution of these two much-loved lollies - while the names are new, the lollies themselves remain unchanged," Nestlé general manager Chris O'Donnell said.

Newshub has contacted Nestlé for a comment.