Chef shares unexpected kitchen hack for cooking extra-crispy roast potatoes in 20 minutes

roast potatoes
The best part? They only take 20 minutes. Photo credit: Getty.

Every home cook seems to have their own super special method of perfecting roast potatoes: some say you need to soak them in hot oil, others swear by a crispy polenta coating. 

But one chef has revealed a secret method he says gets sensational results using another humble unexpected kitchen ingredient - an egg. 

According to the Daily Star, New York chef Dan Kluger reveals the method in his new cookbook Chasing Flavour: Techniques and Recipes to Cook Fearlessly, which may just change the way you cook roast dinners forever. 

You don't need to par-boil or even chop the potatoes according to Kluger - instead, the key is to use baby or new potatoes so they can be cooked whole, evenly and quickly. 

He then whips egg whites in a bowl "until no liquid remains" and uses the mixture to coat the potatoes.

"You want to whip the whites until they’re foamy and no liquid remains in the bowl, then add the potatoes, toss them until well coated, and strain away any excess before adding any seasoning," the chef and owner of Loring Palace writes.

Once they are all completely covered, season the potatoes with salt, pepper and anything else you fancy, and put them in a 200C oven. 

The best part of the hack? Cooking the potatoes takes only 20 minutes. 

That's dinner tonight sorted.