DIY do-up: Turn your drab backyard into an outdoor room perfect for summer

  • 30/11/2020
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DIY do-up: Turn your drab backyard into an outdoor room perfect for summer

There's no question about it: Kiwis love summer. With the weather heating up and a couple of scorchers on the horizon, many of us are dusting off the outdoor furniture, joyfully taking the cover off the barbecue and filling the chilly bin with ice, ready for the days ahead entertaining friends.

But if a long, damp winter has left your outdoor space looking overgrown and more drab than fab, it's time to give it a zhuzh. After all, a year filled with COVID-19 lockdowns means we're ready to spend time sipping a beverage in the backyard more than ever!

You can turn your tired yard into an 'outdoor room' you actually want to spend time in with a few simple changes.

DIY do-up: Turn your drab backyard into an outdoor room perfect for summer

Flex your green thumb 

First consider the size of the space you're working with. Those of us living in cities often don't have the room for giant flourishing gardens our grandmothers would be proud of.

But a snazzy wooden hanging herb garden or vertical planter punches above its weight. The shades of green create a gorgeous pop of colour against a drab wall, plus, of course, it provides delicious herbs to add to summer salads and barbecues.

Don't worry if you're not skilled with a drill - my partner and I whipped up a few of these wooden numbers using Selleys Hold Up Adhesive to piece them together.

You then just apply more Hold Up to the back of your garden unit in vertical stripes approximately 5cm apart, and attach directly to the wall. Allow at least 48 hours for the adhesive to cure, and then you're ready to add your soil and plants!

Choosing somewhere with lots of sunshine is key - I positioned mine near our barbecue so grabbing a handful of rosemary to chuck on the lamb leg is easier than ever.

If you're renting and can't attach anything to the walls, place your planters on a vertical frame that can support the weight, and use a dab of adhesive to hold it in place.

Light it up 

An easy way to lift any outdoor space is to jazz it up with lighting - it will create a cozy and intimate area perfect for when the sun goes down.

Fairy lights are a timeless option, especially if you have a trellis or rafters to hang them from. If you have an exposed wall in a sunny spot, pre-test for substrate suitability and then use an adhesive like Selleys Hold Up to attach some solar-powered feature lights which will cast interesting shadows and act as both lighting and an art piece*.

Gather round the fire 

If you have a stretch of lawn you're struggling to know what to do with, a homemade fire pit could be the surprisingly easy addition your backyard needs. As we all know from school camps gone past, some of the best conversations with friends and family happen around a crackling fire.

All you have to do is mark out where you want your pit to go, and dig a shallow hole in the ground - removing any stray roots!

Then lay bricks or concrete pavers in a circular form, using an adhesive or Selleys Liquid Nails Landscape to bond the blocks together and add sturdiness.

The Selleys team suggest placing a decorative rock at the base of the fire pit and a large steel bowl or metal fire pit ring inside.

Then rug up with some blankets and marshmallows, and enjoy your own little slice of paradise in the backyard!

*NOTE: Not for some plastics (PE, PP, PTFE) or some rubbers. Product holds up to 360kg/m2 (cartridge) and 240kg/m2 (tube) on vertical surfaces (e.g. walls). For heavy objects, overhead application and with non-porous materials such as glass & metals it is recommended that additional supports (e.g. clamps) are used during cure as a precaution. Holds instantly but must not be disturbed until cured (at least 48 hours).

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