How can families make a food budget work?

  • 10/11/2020

Bad news, grocery bills are blowing up. 

It's just another thing to thank COVID-19 for. 

That’s what has been revealed in the latest research from HelloFresh. 

A quarter of Kiwis have been forced to reduce weekly food budgets, with some spending more than 200 dollars extra a month on food.

For every one in seven households, the cost of food is more than they can afford.

This is not surprising when we take a closer look at food prices. 

A loaf of bread was one dollar and eleven cents in September last year.

That same loaf is one dollar and thirty cents according to the Food Price Index from Stats NZ.

Vegetables you ask? 

According to the same data, a kilo of carrots was $1.79 last year.

So how can families tighten the strings and make a food budget work?

Celebrity Chef, Michael Van De Elzen spoke to The AMShow.

Watch the video.