Hyperfibre: How to access New Zealand's fastest internet

  • 08/11/2020
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Hyperfibre: How to access New Zealand's fastest internet
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More than three million Kiwis can now connect to Hyperfibre, the fastest, most reliable internet in the country and among the fastest on the planet.

Following a trial in select areas, the option to upgrade to Hyperfibre is now available across the entire existing Chorus fibre network - which covers 80 percent of the country. 

Hyperfibre offers speeds of up to 4Gbps, around 40 times faster than standard fibre. For context, a 1TB file (1000 gigabytes) could take 12 hours to download using standard broadband but download in just 12 minutes using Hyperfibre. 

For average consumers who aren't moving huge files online, Chorus’ Chief Customer Officer Ed Hyde says the real benefit of Hyperfibre is allowing unlimited internet freedom in the household. 

Chorus Chief Customer Officer Ed Hyde
Chorus Chief Customer Officer Ed Hyde Photo credit: Supplied

"What it allows you to do is have multiple separate devices all on the network, whether they're streaming or gaming with no contention between them."

This means no matter how many devices are on your network and whatever they're using the internet for, they can expect a smooth and rock solid connection. This is particularly beneficial for gamers, who increasingly rely on ultra low latency for peak performance. 

Combined with the benefits it provides at leisure time, as work environments change and more Kiwis work remotely, Ed says Hyperfibre is the perfect innovation for 2020.

"Hyperfibre has been a huge help to homes which have to keep pace with their already growing usage, but also have one or two people working from home added to the mix." 

But the benefits of Hyperfibre extend far beyond the home, with every sector from small business, to education and healthcare standing to benefit from the frictionless transfer of huge amounts of data.  

"More and more of the education curriculum is going online. So you might see a school with 100 or 200 students all using iPads. Using Hyperfibre you can really open up the internet connectivity to allow greater engagement and learning in the classroom," says Ed. 

"In the healthcare sector where you have X-rays that are uploaded digitally and are then sent off, the same thing applies. Whatever you use the internet for, Hyperfibre allows you to eliminate the waiting time." 

Hyperfibre has symmetrical upload and download, meaning whether you're uploading, i.e on a video conference call with colleagues, or downloading a massive new game to your console, you'll have the same exceptional speed. 

According to Chorus, New Zealand's demand for broadband capacity and speed is growing at a prodigious rate, showing Kiwis have an increasing appetite for the kind of service provided by Hyperfibre.

In 2011, the average bandwidth per household on the Chorus fibre network was 13GB. In 2016 it reached 100GB per household and only four years later it has now tripled to 334GB.

Ed says while Hyperfibre is the next evolution of the Chorus fibre network, work is already underway on further innovations.

"This is just the start of the Hyperfibre portfolio, the technology is able to move up to 8Gbps. We haven't launched at that speed just yet because there are a few areas we want to ensure have enough capacity to ensure a fantastic customer experience."

"Beyond that we're exploring speeds of up to 25Gbps. We're not expecting that to land for a good few years yet but we'll continue to explore it." 

Ed says while the average Kiwi would struggle to make full use of such immense internet speeds, it will lay the infrastructure for long-promised technologies such as 'smart cities' and self-driving cars to become a reality. 

If you're wanting to sign up and take your broadband to the ultimate level head over to Chorus and check if Hyperfibre is available at your place.

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