Magic Talk host Ryan Bridge says pushy vegans are hurting their cause

Magic Talk host Ryan Bridge has criticised a vegans' pushy protesting tactics saying it made his "blood boil" and did the cause more harm than good. 

On The Project on Monday, Bridge shared a video of a vegan protester dressed up in a pig onesie, hassling a tradie eating bacon and eggs for breakfast at a cafe in Sydney, Australia. 

"If you want to be a vegan or a vegetarian you go for it girlfriend," He said. 

"But don't go and berate people on the side of the street because of your political agenda you're trying to push onto people."

Project host Kanoa Lloyd disagreed, saying they have an important message and asking Bridge what he suggests vegans should do to fight their fight.

"What's the alternative, what do you suggest these people do because they have a point. We have an incredibly urgent crisis with our planet if we don't reduce our meat consumption then we're screwed," she says.

"Those people obviously feel passionate enough to literally take their message to the streets and try and affect some change."

Bridge says being so aggressive will eventually "turn people off" veganism.

"This guy's just eating his breakfast, he's gonna have a busy day, leave him in peace."

Actor Antonia Prebble, a guest on the show, agreed with Bridge saying targeting people isn't going to encourage people to get on board.

"Targeting someone and being really aggressive and humiliating them is not the way to do it in my opinion, I'm with you Ryan."

Watch the full video above.