Mum's Play-Doh c-section video with son sparks controversy

Dr Jessica So created a Play-Doh c-section surgery for her sons birthday.
Dr Jessica So created a Play-Doh c-section surgery for her sons birthday. Photo credit: Twitter - @theBreakfasteur

A California mum's Play-Doh c-section video has sparked controversy with critics calling it "disturbing" after reaching over 4 million views on Twitter.

Dr Jessica So is a dermatologist who loves to make and record pretend Play-Doh surgeries for her four-year-old son, often posting the footage to Twitter.

In this particular case, the cesarean was an extra-special surprise surgery for her son's birthday.

During the video Dr So and her son can be seen opening up the Play-Doh stomach and delivering a Spiderman toy, followed by a balloon placenta. 

The surgery is performed using plastic instruments with Dr So explaining each step in medical terms.

Dr So told TODAY Parents that children are able to understand "much more than we give them credit for", and her son is loving the tutorials, asking to do one every day. 

But not everyone feels the same. The video has received a wave of backlash, with some Twitter users claiming it was "frightening" and others calling it "disturbing".

"There is no way to repair this disembodied abdomen, which is part of a human woman," one Twitter user wrote, taking the Play-Doh very seriously.

"Too much emphasis on the baby. I don't find it cute, it's actually a bit frightening."

Some were worried about Dr So's son moving on from the Play-Doh: "Wait but what if the kid tries to cut their own tummy or a friend's?"

Others just found it plain gross.

"I consider myself a very progressive parent and embrace age-appropriate learning for all topics, but this is just plain unnecessary and quite frankly a little disturbing."

Despite the negativity and confusion Dr So is just happy to be able to "nurture curiosity" and has received "so many" positive messages and comments from parents who also have children interested in the human body.