Sleep site claims 'female spoon' sleeping position most likely to lead to divorce

female spoon
A UK sleep site is claming it all comes down to a cuddle. Photo credit: Getty.

If you're at the point in your relationship where you're considering divorce, I'm guessing your sleeping position probably isn't going to have that much to do with it. 

But the sleep experts at UK bedding website The Dozy Owl disagree and surveyed almost 10,000 Brits to find out the impact of a good night's rest on your relationship. 

Almost 5000 divorced women and 4800 divorced men were asked their preferred sleeping position with their ex-partner while married - and the results might not be comfortable to hear. 

The study found 86 percent of respondents admitted to the 'female spoon' being the most common sleeping position before filing for divorce. This heteronormative title is given to the position where the person who might regularly be the 'little spoon' turns the tables and cradles the 'big spoon'

"I've been divorced from my 'childhood sweetheart' for 10 years. I think maybe I mothered him too much - I reckon this position is a testament to that statement," explained one of the respondents, 52-year-old Mary. "I think he may have felt too emasculated."

In second place is the 'leg hug' with 82 percent of participants saying that this was their most common position during their marriage. As this position requires little to no effort, that comes as not much of a surprise. 

On the other end of the spectrum, the least 'divorceable' sleeping positions proved to be 'face to face not touching' at 38 percent, 'back to back touching' at 26 percent and 'face to face cuddling' at 19 percent.

If you can handle a 'face to face cuddle' on a hot summer's evening, you're obviously in a better place romantically than myself.