Students show off run-down flats, student accommodation in hilarious TikTok trend, 'things that make sense'

rundown uni houses
"Outdoor furniture" and delightful wall art are among the features of the Dunedin flats. Photo credit: TikTok.

Those of us who moved into flats and sharehouses during uni days have many fond memories of parties, hungover days on the couch and of course, that first taste of freedom and independence. 

But the accommodation itself often left a lot to be desired, especially after years of wear-and-tear from other students living there. 

Thanks to the power of TikTok, this year we've gotten a glimpse inside some of the worst examples of student accommodation around the world - and if you're no longer living in a sharehouse it will make you glad those days are behind you.

Students in the UK, Australia and New Zealand have gotten into the trend of showing off their flats, captioning them with the tongue-in-cheek phrase: 'Things in our uni house that just make sense'. 

One UK flat appears to have a staircase that falls out every time you use the stairs and a bathroom which isn't hooked up to any water. 

Another had an unfortunate day where the oven exploded and the handle blew off the door, leaving the inhabitants with pasta bake stuck in the oven they're unable to retrieve. 

There are of course some with a more local flavour - Otago university students have been sharing their own run-down flats on the social media app. 

In one video entitled "Things in our nine girl, $1395 a week flat that just make sense", a student shows off their "outdoor furniture", some delightful wall art and "a home we made for the hedgehogs" - aka, a large pile of rubbish. 

Another student posted a video showing off the more desirable features her flat offers, including curtains that open and close and a door that locks. 

Want to go back to university? No, me neither.