Tip Top confirms rumours Fruju Tropical Snow making a comeback for summer

Icecream fans rejoice - a Kiwi classic treat is set to return just in time for summer.

After rumours swirled last week, Tip Top announced on Monday its iconic icecream/iceblock hybrid the Fruju Tropical Snow is definitely returning to freezers around the country. 

Many '90s kids will remember the whipped pineapple, orange and lemon sorbet as the perfect after-school treat on a boiling hot day - and now they'll get to experience it all over again. 

"We know 2020 hasn't been the easiest of years so we thought we'd bring back Fruju Tropical Snow to have Kiwis smiling over summer," says Chris Sew Hoy, Tip Top brand manager.

"We are really excited for the return of this Fruju icon. We know it's highly requested and we have happily made it happen."

But it will only be available for the summer season, the company says. 

The classic Kiwi treat will be back for summer.
The classic Kiwi treat will be back for summer. Photo credit: Supplied.

The icecream has made a similar limited edition comeback twice before, returning for brief periods in 2014 and 2017.

Fruju Tropical Snow will be available in dairies, petrol stations and convenience stores nationwide from today.