UK woman horrified after spotting funeral directors buying McDonald's with body in hearse

Mcdonalds funeral
She dubbed the move "disrespectful", but the company has called her a "busybody". Photo credit: Getty.

A UK mum-of-two says she "cried in anger" after spotting funeral workers stopping off at McDonald's on the way to a funeral with a body in the back of a hearse. 

According to Metro, Kent woman Deborah Carlisle posted images on Facebook of the suited funeral workers carrying McDonald's bag back to the hearse as everyone in the carpark "watched in shock". 

"Disrespectful. A hearse complete with coffin wreaths and flowers parks up to get a McDonald’s," she wrote. "People were astounded." 

But the funeral company has reportedly dubbed the woman a "busybody" and said the family of the deceased man "laughed it off". 

The director said one of their workers is diabetic and had permission from grieving relatives to eat at the fast-food restaurant to stop his blood sugar levels dropping.

Carlisle told the UK publication she had "no sympathy" with the man's explanation, because "other people can manage their disabilities". 

"Imagine if one of the funeral cortege had come in to get a bottle of water or something and seen the coffin and them munching burgers," she said. 

She said she thought the company should waive the transport fee, but they refused.