US woman reveals bizarre hack for cooking Christmas dinner in the dishwasher

The US mother called it her "ultimate holiday hack".
The US mother called it her "ultimate holiday hack". Photo credit: Getty.

Over the last year social media app TikTok has given us hundreds of 'hacks' for new and creative ways of performing everyday household tasks.

Now one US woman has shown off her bizarre way of cutting down both time and effort in one of the most notoriously difficult tasks: making Christmas dinner. 

On her TikTok account, which documents time-saving tips and tricks around the house, Shannon L Doherty revealed she uses her dishwasher to cook beans, brussels sprouts and carrots during the festive season.  

In a video, which has racked up over 300,000 views, the 'DIY Mom Next Door' explained how she separates her vegetables and puts them in glass jars.

"This is the best holiday dinner hack. Put your veggies in mason jars, add water and run them in a normal dishwasher cycle," she narrates the clip.

"Instant veggies."

Doherty puts the veggies in the top shelf of her dishwasher, so you could kill two birds with one stone and pop some dirty dishes in the bottom if you were so inclined 

But many confused viewers pointed out that this hack may be more of a flop, as it actually uses more water and energy than simply cooking vegetables the normal way. 

"This doesn't even save time? A dishwasher cycle is much longer than just steaming broccoli?" wrote one person. 

Another called it "utterly bizarre' and "a waste of water and energy".