'Vulgar': UK mums get mad at people putting up Christmas trees early

"Trees up this early is so tacky!" wrote one parent.
"Trees up this early is so tacky!" wrote one parent. Photo credit: Getty.

We're well and truly into the downhill slide to Christmas now with decorations up at your local Westfield and carols playing in the supermarket. 

In the wake of a terrible year, many people around the country have put their Christmas trees up somewhat prematurely - even at the beginning of November in some cases. 

But one UK mum has started a fierce online debate on parenting forum Mumsnet over the age-old question of when it's appropriate to put up your tree. 

"[My partner] really wants to put the tree up early this year. His reasoning is that we have just moved into our own place and it would be nice to have as long as possible for our son who is one," the woman wrote. 

She added the reason she was hesitant is that they hadn't finished unpacking their new flat, and there were already serious "storage issues", before questioning other parents if she was being "unreasonable" in wanting to wait until the flat was finished. 

But it quickly descended into more of a general debate over how close to Christmas it's acceptable to put up a tree - and many women pulled no punches. 

"The tree goes up from Christmas Eve to Twelfth Night. Anything else is vulgar really," one woman wrote.  

"Ridiculously too early! Were you born in a barn? The tree goes up December 23 then down mid-afternoon on December 25, obviously," wrote another. 

"Trees up this early is so tacky!" echoed another. 

But others said the woman should be able to put her own tree up whenever she liked. 

"Put the tree up when you want [original poster] no one else's business as the responses here are just ridiculous, however I would get [your partner] to help unpack first, might help to get it done quicker!" 

According to a psychoanalyst, putting up Christmas decorations early extends the excitement of the festive season. It acts as an 'anchor or pathway to those old childhood magical emotions' and so ultimately makes you happier

But an AM Show poll conducted earlier this month had 67 percent of respondents saying November was too early to put the tree up.