9yo pens hilarious, relatable letter to Santa admitting she 'miserably failed' at being good

little girl letter to Santa
While she admits she "deserves coal", the little girl still made her present requests known. Photo credit: Getty/Twitter.

This year has been one for the books and many of us may have acted out of spite, anger, frustration and rage. 

But one UK child isn't letting her shortcomings get in the way of her present haul this year, penning a realistic letter to Santa which has since gone viral. 

Twitter user @AllyTheJedi shared a photo of the adorable letter online, in which his nine-year-old sister admitted to the big man in red she had "miserably failed" at being good this year and she "deserves coal". 

But in a show of optimism, she said she'd "still love a present - in fact, more than one". 

Options on the list included a snake, a Nintendo Switch, a trip to France for the whole family and an iPhone 12. 

Possibly the most standout suggestion was a "panda and penguin (not dead)".

"Tick the boxes if you have done them," the little girl instructed. 

The photo of the letter has been shared widely online, leaving Twitter users in stitches. 

One Twitter user praised the girl's "handwriting, use of diction and syntax".

"It’s the handwriting and vocabulary for me. And five tickets to France. Damn. Y'all should at least at the bare minimum complete half of her request," another person wrote. "She invested a lot in making that list." 

"What type of snake does a nine-year-old want?" another questioned.