Australian mum 'disappointed' at Chrisco Christmas hamper

An Australian mum was left horrified after her "disappointing" Christmas hamper left her with health and safety concerns.

Adelaide resident Melissa Yates ordered a variety of food for Christmas through hamper company Chrisco, totalling AU$1690.40 (NZ$1772).

But when Yates received the products on Monday, she said she was shocked by the unprofessionalism of the company.

She met the delivery drivers at her door and they started "dumping" her products in direct sunlight, causing her to become concerned about food safety and her goods defrosting.

"They ignored me with my boxes still in the sun ... so I said to them I was going to start taking [the boxes] inside. But the guy raised his hand and told me not to touch my food until I had signed the paperwork," she told 7News.

Australian mum 'disappointed' at Chrisco Christmas hamper
Photo credit: 7 News

After she brought her packages inside, the ice cream hamper had defrosted and "a number" of other boxes had also begun to melt.

"[The defrosted products] could potentially make one of my family members sick or, even worse, kill them. I am honestly so upset… it was pure disappointment and anger," Yates said.

Australian mum 'disappointed' at Chrisco Christmas hamper
Photo credit: 7News

A Chrisco spokesperson told 7News the company has worked to solve the delivery problem and has given Yates a refund.

"Chrisco has worked with Ms Yates as part of our investigations into this delivery. This is not Chrisco's standard delivery practice," they said.

"This is an isolated incident and we thank our customers for their continued support."

Chrisco is known for its Christmas hampers that customers pay off during the year, receiving their products in time for Christmas. The company, which operates in several countries, was co-founded in New Zealand in 1993 after a similar operation in the United Kingdom.