Australian woman looking for love gives up on dating apps, goes to Bunnings instead

She gave up on Tinder to try the more "traditional" dating route.
She gave up on Tinder to try the more "traditional" dating route. Photo credit: TikTok/@__leesh___

Looking at the last minute for a  partner to bring to family Christmas? You might want to adopt this novel method attempted by an Australian TikTok user, who visited her local Bunnings to try and snag herself a husband - sausage sizzle pun firmly intended. 

NSW woman Leesh Cunningham, 26, says in a series of now-viral videos she opted for the more "traditional" approach to dating after giving up on Tinder and online dating sites.

"So I've come to Bunnings to find me a husband," she says in a video uploaded to the social media site.

Cunningham can be seen scanning various aisles in the store including the painting and gardening sections but doesn't manage to find her Prince Charming anywhere. 

Carrying a sign reading "Wanted: one husband", she soon seeks help from an employee, telling them: "I'm just looking for a husband and I was told you guys have them here". 

The customer service representative tells Cunningham their eligible men "were flying off the shelves".

"If we have any, they'll be in the back corner on the left."

But the trip was unsuccessful, with Cunningham disappointingly saying the store was "drier than the Sahara Desert." 

According to the Daily Mail, since her failed mission has racked up over 100,000 views, Cunningham had an outpouring of messages from hopeful suitors and fellow singles offering advice.

"My DMs have absolutely been blowing up," she told the Daily Mail.

"The ones that have all the confidence are like 50-year-old men though, so still no real prospect there but you never know."

"Might I suggest giving Mitre 10 a try?" one person offered, according to a screenshot provided by Cunningham. "I think you'll find being independently owned that they will care about you and your needs, they will help you find what you need with a smile on their face."

"Your Bunnings videos are absolutely hilarious," another praised. "If you want to make one with a happy ending- your Christmas wish - I would be honoured to play the part."