Canadian woman's simple bauble hack will make your Christmas tree look like something from a magazine

The stunning final effect is down to the power of three.
The stunning final effect is down to the power of three. Photo credit: TikTok/@myhomedecor.

Many of us will have spent the weekend getting our houses ready for the festive season: erecting trees, hanging lights and finally getting some gifts wrapped - those of us who have actually gotten round to buying them, of course. 

But if you're like me and always wondering why your Christmas tree never quite looks as glamorous as the ones in shopping malls and department stores, this insider trick is sure to help. 

Canadian woman Liz, who goes by the TikTok handle 'My Modern Decor', has racked up millions of views on her festive videos which teach hacks for wrapping oddly shaped gifts and making easy gift boxes out of cardboard. 

By far one of her most popular videos is a special trick for hanging ornaments to make your tree look fuller and lusher - like something out of a magazine. 

The key is to attach three ornaments to a cable tie, before tightening the tie and attaching a wire or ornament hanger. 

Liz decorated her entire tree using the trick, before sharing a follow-up video showing the tree straight from a Christmas movie, perfectly decorated with trios of baubles, white ribbon, and lights.

If you're wondering why three baubles on each piece of wire, Liz explains her penchant for odd numbers in another video. 

"Items arranged in odd numbers are more visually appealing to the eye," she explains, adding three seems to be the "perfect number" but five also works. 

"Our brain seems to love the odd numbers, it looks more natural and dynamic." 

Commenters couldn't believe the stunning final effect, with many vowing to try the trick in their own homes. 

"Absolutely gorgeous - I love white lights," one person wrote. 

"Thank God I saw this before I go decoration shopping tomorrow," wrote another

And another suggested: "Pipe cleaners work the best, then tie them to the tree. Especially with kids and pets. They don't fall off!"

If you're looking for further festive decorating inspo, she also shared a video showing how to use pipe cleaners to hang garlands on stair rails.