DIY do-up: The handiest ways to fill an empty space in your home

  • 07/12/2020
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DIY do-up: The handiest ways to fill an empty space in your home

It's large, irritating, and seems to be in your eye line wherever you go. 

No, I'm not talking about that pile of washing you've been ignoring since the weekend. I'm talking about the glaringly blank, expansive wall that's making your otherwise cozy home feel stark and empty.

If long lockdowns spent staring around your living room has made you crave an interior update, it's time to put the summer holidays to use. 

While erecting mirrors, coat racks, lighting, and bookshelves can all be an intimidating undertaking - hammering nails into the wall is never a fun idea - with some adhesive and a little creativity you can turn that empty block of space into something both useful and aesthetically pleasing. 

Here are some of my favourite ways to give your interior a much-needed makeover. 

Hang it out 
If you have empty wall space down the hall or near your entranceway, a snazzy coat and scarf rack is a fantastic way of filling it – plus it keeps jackets, hats, and even keys from being scattered around the house. After being unable to find one I loved in-store, I had a go at making one myself using Selleys Hold Up adhesive, a piece of pre-cut treated wood from my local hardware store, and some of these gorgeous, industrial-style hooks I found.  

No need for a drill or screws - I simply used a ruler to space out where I wanted my hooks, glued them using Selleys Hold Up and left them for at least 48 hours to cure, before using the glue again, this time in vertical strips 5cm apart, to mount the rack on the wall of our home office. 

Now I can show off my favourite winter clothes and accessories on the wall of our house - why should they be shut away in a wardrobe during the warmer months?

DIY do-up: The handiest ways to fill an empty space in your home

Reflect on your interior 
If you live in a smaller apartment or just want to add some pizzaz to your lounge, hanging a mirror is the ultimate way to lift a space. Mirrors are not only strong statement pieces, they also make a space feel bigger and lighter, especially if positioned near a window.  Plus, of course, they're very useful for checking your teeth for lipstick before you rush off to work. If you're a little concerned about drilling hooks or nails into the wall, don't stress. Modern adhesives like Selleys Hold Up can help do the job! Just remember to read the pack instructions for specific details around weight and cure times. 

HINT: Be sure to read over the manufacturers instructions too, for advice on glue placement. Some mirrors have special sections for glue to be applied. We’d also recommend using a little additional support like a clamp until the adhesive has had time to cure – at least 48 hours should do the trick! 

If you can't find a mirror you love, you can flex your creative skills and try making one yourself - try using this tutorial on the Selleys website.

*Not for some plastics PE, PP, PTFE or some rubbers. For heavy objects, overhead application and with non-porous materials such as glass & metals it is recommended that additional supports (eg. clamps) are used during cure as a precaution. Holds instantly but must not be disturbed until cured (at least 48 hours).

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