Fiancé forbids wife-to-be from wearing white dress at wedding as she's not a virgin

The fiancé told Reddit he wouldn't allow his bride-to-be to wear a white dress at the wedding because she wasn't a virgin.
The fiancé told Reddit he wouldn't allow his bride-to-be to wear a white dress at the wedding because she wasn't a virgin. Photo credit: Getty Images

A now-dumped fiancé has been blasted on social media after revealing he wouldn't let his wife-to-be wear a white dress on their wedding day because she wasn't a virgin. 

The man, 32, explained via Reddit that he'd planned to marry his 23-year-old fiancée in a few months' time, but a disagreement had got in the way of their plans. 

He asked for advice in the thread 'Am I The Asshole' only to find out that yes, an overwhelming majority agreed he very much was.

"I come from a very religious household with strong Christian beliefs," he wrote.

"And one of the traditions in my family is if the woman getting married isn’t still a virgin they shouldn’t wear a white dress on their wedding day."

Seemingly oblivious to how his fiancée may feel, he went onto explain that his family knew she wasn't a virgin because, well, he told his mum when they first started dating.

"My mom asked me when I started dating her if she was pure, and I was honest and told her she had boyfriends before she met me."

He says his future wife was "really upset" by the decision, but went along with it and looked into getting a glittery blue dress instead.

Just when he thought all was fine, his wife turned around and said she won't marry him because she is "too humiliated" by the situation.

"But I really don't see how it's a big deal," he added.

Reddit users did though - and blew up in response.

"I just can't get over the grossness factor of how the mother of a 30 plus-year-old man is concerned about the sexual experience of his new girlfriend who is a decade his junior," one user wrote.

"I know I'd want to marry a 30 something-year-old man who still had his umbilical cord, who also insisted on using my dress to slut-shame me on my wedding day," another joked.

Some users even debunked his families 'Christian' traditions.

"This is not a Christian tradition, nor is it a modern tradition. There is no 'Christian colour' for virginity in marriage or anything else."

"The idea of a 'white wedding' was a marketing ploy to get people to buy a piece of clothing for one day."

Many users advised the soon-to-be-wife to escape this guy as soon as possible.

"What a creepy guy. Hope the fiancée sees this and heads for the nearest exit."

Others still questioned what he would be wearing.

"Are you a virgin? If not, what will you be wearing on your wedding day to signify how you've been tainted?"