'I was prepared to die': TikTok reveals terrifying moment man scales woman's balcony, breaks into her home

Hannah Viverette initially thought her balcony door opening was the wind. Then a man entered.
Hannah Viverette initially thought her balcony door opening was the wind. Then a man entered. Photo credit: TikTok/Hannah Viverette.

Chalking up yet another reason why many women are afraid to live alone, a viral TikTok is showing the horrifying moment a US woman's stalker broke into her apartment.

Maryland woman Hannah Viverette was filming herself dancing in her living room last week, before inadvertently capturing the scary footage of a stranger climbing up to her second-storey balcony and breaking into her apartment. 

In the video which has now been viewed over 44 million times, Viverette can be seen getting a fright right from the door opening, which she says she initially thought was the wind, before jumping backwards as a man wearing an orange top enters. 

"My whole world stopped," Viverette later told Buzzfeed. "I was prepared for him to pull something out of his pockets because he would not take his hands out of his pockets as he was staring at me and mumbling things that I couldn't understand."

In the clip, she asks the man "who are you?" several times, while he appears to respond in Spanish. She then demands he "please get out" while backing towards her phone, as he questions her "Am I your friend?"

"Who are you? Please get out of my apartment right now," she responds.

The woman then grabs her phone and runs out of her apartment to go get a neighbour, while the man can still be seen peering into her apartment before leaving.

"I was prepared, for a few moments, to die," Viverette told NBC.

The intruder was later identified as 36-year-old Angel Moises Rodriguez-Gomez, who Viverette says she has noticed watching her across the street on multiple occasions. 

"He had made a point to make me uncomfortable and it was almost as if he liked it," she told Buzzfeed. "He would make sure that I knew that he was looking at me."

While Rodriguez-Gomez reportedly told authorities the woman had invited him up to her apartment, she was able to provide footage of what happened thanks to her TikTok.

Rodriguez-Gomez has now been charged with stalking, burglary, second-degree assault and malicious destruction of property. 

In her TikTok caption, Viverette called the incident the "scariest moment of my life".

Commenters told Viverette she "handled it like a boss". 

"That is so scary! I'm so happy you were recording and that you have proof," one person wrote.

"Nobody giving her credit for how well she handled that," someone said.