Man goes on 400km walk after argument with wife, fined for breaching lockdown conditions

man walking across terrain
This takes the term "needing space" a little too literally. Photo credit: Getty.

There are times in every relationship when you need a little space, but one European man took it too far with an epic 400km walk after an argument with this wife - before being fined by authorities for breaching his country's strict lockdown rules. 

The unnamed 48-year-old Italian man reportedly went on the week's hike in an attempt to calm down after falling out with his partner, averaging around 65km each day. 

According to the Independent, despite living in the far north area of Como, the man managed to make it all the way to Fano, a small town on the Adriatic coast. 

He walked so far that authorities reportedly didn't believe his story after picking him up in the early hours of the morning for breaching Italy's lockdown curfew. It wasn't until they checked and realised his wife had reported him missing a week earlier that his incredible story went public. 

"I'm fine, just a little tired," the man told the officers, according to local newspaper in Fano, Il Resto del Carlino.   

He was fined €400 (NZ$688) for breaching lockdown conditions - and hopefully will pay a bit more in some marriage counselling so he doesn't feel the need to walk the length of the country after their next fight.