New Zealand's favourite takeaways of 2020 revealed

takeaway food items
Burgers, dumplings, curries - oh my! Photo credit: Getty.

It's fair to say that after this year, many of us will never take takeaways for granted again.

Being forced to cook every meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner during the nation's month-long COVID-19 alert level 4 lockdown meant that by the time restrictions were lifted, many of us were hanging out to get dumplings, curries and burgers delivered to our doorsteps again. 

Of course for hospitality businesses, online ordering and delivery became an essential way of making revenue, to reach customers and counter lockdown restrictions.

But which dishes came out on top? Data from two of the country's most popular food delivery apps has revealed the dietary state of the nation, and the comfort foods we turned to in times of crisis. 

Accordion to Menulog, Indian cuisine was the biggest winner of the year. The classic dish butter chicken took out the prize for the app's most popular dish with more than 90,000 ordered this year.

Butter chicken took out the top spot according to Menulog.
Butter chicken took out the top spot according to Menulog. Photo credit: Getty.

Rounding out Menulog's top five dishes were chicken tikka masala, chicken korma, Hawaiian pizza and pepperoni pizza.

On the flip side, the Americas owned the top two spots on Uber Eats with North American cuisine and Mexican topping the list of Kiwis' favourite flavours. 

"In fact, tacos nearly doubled in popularity against the same time last year," says a spokesperson for the company. 

On Uber Eats, tacos nearly doubled in popularity.
On Uber Eats, tacos nearly doubled in popularity. Photo credit: Getty.

For those in quarantine, it's a slightly different story. 

Uber Eats data shows that the most popular item ordered by those in managed isolation hotels around the country is the simple but mighty cheeseburger.

While these are all delightful comforting options, it's not to say we gave up on healthy food altogether - perhaps as a way to shift the extra lockdown kilograms we all put on, healthy food had a breakthrough in popularity on food delivery apps, with searches for kale, quinoa, bowls, acai, tahini and charcoal all skyrocketing in popularity.