Woman shares 'empowering' way of beating her anxiety

"Hair or no hair, I'm still worthy of happiness."
"Hair or no hair, I'm still worthy of happiness." Photo credit: Reddit.

A woman's inspirational post about the novel way she's dealt with her debilitating anxiety has gone viral, with many praising her for taking back the power over her condition. 

Reddit user 'Flying Magical Cookie' posted a selfie of her newly shaven head in the 'Made Me Smile' Reddit forum, which has over 2.7 million members. 

"I was losing my hair due to anxiety and it made me feel sad and powerless," she captioned the image. "Then I said 'f**k it' and buzzed it all off.

"Here's my first hairless picture. No more powerlessness. Hair or no hair, I'm still worthy of happiness." 

Woman shares 'empowering' way of beating her anxiety
Photo credit: Reddit.

It was a message that resonated with many, with the post racking up over 500 supportive comments, many from fellow anxiety sufferers. 

"She has a nice, elegant head for baldness. Glad she decided to go full-on with it," one person wrote. "Nothing worse than keeping your feelings locked up inside."

"Having a bald head is my dream, I can't imagine how amazing it feels! But I don't have a beautiful face and cranial shape like you do... you look like an absolute queen!" wrote another. 

"I too am losing my hair. At 25! Maybe this is my sign to also shave my head. Hopefully I'd look just as badass as you! Rock on," wrote another. 

The woman replied, saying that the move was "empowering as f**k". 

"Zero dollars for hairstyling, zero minutes spent prepping my hair, zero worries. It's awesome. 

"If you are unhappy and feeling self-conscious about hair loss and you are on the fence, and especially if you are certain you're not gonna regret your hair because you hate it, then I recommend giving it a try. It grows back anyway."

According to psychologists, Christmas can be a period of anxiety for many people. Financial worries, dealing with family tension and managing loneliness can all be stressors. 

If you're finding it tough to manage stress and anxiety, here are some resources that can help.