Researchers confirm teaspoons disappear more often than forks

We are all familiar with missing office utensils, but this scientific proof may be a surprise to us.

A new Australian study has confirmed teaspoons disappear more often than forks.

The tiny utensil is now the hottest of kitchen property, and it's forcing Kiwis - in true number 8 wire-style - to get creative.

"Just tip your fork upside down and use it as the stirring device," one person told Newshub.

"I know people that have used bank cards to scoop."

The team at Business Desk came up with another way to curb the problem.

"Buy some cutlery and get it all engraved with the word stolen," Business Desk Chief Executive Pattrick Smellie said.

Ten knives, ten forks and ten spoons to deter any would-be thieves and save them forking out on replacements.

"Well it would've been more cost effective if it worked... but it didn't work."

"It almost made me think as if somebody had decided that having cutlery engraved with stolen was a collectors' item, because it was gone in about six or seven weeks."

'Case of the Missing Cutlery' was a book written to be dedicated to the workplace mystery, but it's left many of us still looking for answers.

So if you're still stuck for the office Secret Santa, perhaps you should consider... teaspoons.