Swearing, cheating, lying: Research reveals which signs were the 'naughtiest' in 2020

If you live your life by your co-star app, this might be bad news.
If you live your life by your co-star app, this might be bad news. Photo credit: Getty.

If you're someone that lives your life by your co-star app, this might just make or break your relationship.

New research claims to have found which star signs were the 'naughtiest' in 2020 after over 12,000 people worldwide were asked a series of questions evaluating their behaviour. 

Questions included behaviour around lying, cheating, swearing and even driving through red lights. Each star sign was then ranked with a series of "naughty points". 

In bad news for the water signs, Scorpio came out on top as the naughtiest star sign, with a total of 873 points. 

According to the researchers at Psychic World, people under this sign have been swearing (89 percent), cheating (63 percent), and driving recklessly (69 percent) all year – which has earned them the top spot on Santa's naughty list. 

Coming in second were Capricorns, with 802 naughty points. Around 68 percent of Caps said they blamed someone else for their own mistakes this year. 

The ram sign, Aries, took out the third spot. 

But it's not all bad news. The nicest zodiac sign goes to Libra, with only 414 points - less than half the number awarded to Scorpios. 

It appears Libras have been keeping their noses clean with only nine percent of them driving through a red light and 14 percent having littered in 2020. 

I guess we know who's receiving coal in their stocking this year.