US woman behind viral 'Frank the Christmas Gargoyle' fan page raises thousands for local food bank

Frank, the Christmas gargoyle, has catapulted his owner to Facebook fame.
Frank, the Christmas gargoyle, has catapulted his owner to Facebook fame. Photo credit: Frank the Christmas Gargoyle / Facebook

A US woman who went viral for her unconventional Christmas display - featuring a festive gargoyle named Frank - is now channelling her newfound fame towards a good cause.

Earlier in December, the Ohio woman shared her hilarious response to a neighbourhood 'Karen' who had taken issue with Frank - a statue of a gargoyle who has "guarded" the woman's porch for years. In a note, the neighbour complained that the gargoyle was not a suitable Christmas decoration - so in retaliation, the woman placed a Santa hat on Frank's head to make him more festive.

However, the woman did not stop there, crowding her porch with a plethora of weird and wonderful decorations - including hippos, flamingos and skeletons - much to the increasing aggravation of her neighbour.

The decoration drama quickly gained traction on Facebook, with thousands of people delighted by the woman's sense of humour and shenanigans. Her page, 'Frank the Christmas Gargoyle', has since amassed more than 740,000 followers.

On Tuesday (local time), the woman shared that she has received numerous requests to open a PO Box so dedicated followers can add to her quirky Christmas collection. However, she had another idea in mind.

"If this page made you smile, and you are still feeling generous and have the means to do so, please consider paying that smile forward and making a donation to our area food bank," she wrote.

"There are a lot of people really struggling these days that could really use something to smile about. We have over 730,000 followers on this page. 

"Imagine if only a small percent [sic] of those followers donated a few dollars each? Well, that would help a lot of people and bring a lot of smiles!"

At the time of writing, the post had amassed more than 30,000 likes and almost 1000 shares - with 2259 people donating to Foodbank, Inc, the local food bank in Ohio's Miami Valley.

Within nine hours, the donors have already raised a combined total of US$44,367 (NZ$62,068).

In an email to Newshub, a supporter of the 'Frank the Christmas Gargoyle' page said the woman's actions are admirable.

"This story needs to reach every news station across the world!" the woman wrote.

"The fact she took a negative act of bullying and turned it into something so beautiful deserves that."

Foodbank, Inc, the Ohio-based charity, works daily to distribute emergency food to shelters, community kitchens and other programmes.