Woman documents hilarious Christmas set-up after receiving angry note from neighbour over Frank the 'festive gargoyle'

'Frank the Christmas Gargoyle' has given joy to people all over the world.
'Frank the Christmas Gargoyle' has given joy to people all over the world. Photo credit: Facebook/Frank the Christmas Gargoyle.

This festive season has been marked by angry notes left by nosey neighbours deciding which festive decorations are appropriate, with furore over decorations and lights hitting headlines. 

But one US woman has hilariously struck back at her neighbourhood 'Karen' who took issue with the festive Christmas gargoyle outside her home by adding a plethora of new and unusual decorations. 

On the Facebook page 'Frank the Christmas Gargoyle' which has racked up over 500,000 likes, the owner explained Frank the gargoyle has been "guarding" her porch for over three years. 

"A neighbour complained that Frank should be taken down because he isn't 'festive' and is not what she considers 'in keeping with the Christmas spirit'," Frank's owner explained. 

So the woman placed a Santa hat on Frank's head. 

Not stopping there, she proceeded to pile up decorations including hippos, flamingos and skeletons - even a toy coronavirus spore. 

Earlier this week she added a model of a 'plague doctor' and several toy rats wearing Santa hats, adding "these guys are bringing the festive". 

"It's like an army of festivity! I'm going to need a bigger porch!" she captioned the post. 

The woman has also documented some of the angry notes she's received from her neighbourhood 'Karen' as the porch decor becomes increasingly over-the-top.

"Looks like we struck a nerve today," she captioned one post. "My display is 'horrid' and my parents 'must be so proud to have raised such a completely disrespectful and spiteful daughter'.

"Well Karen, my parents are no longer with us, but I'm absolutely positive they would be proud and loving this whole thing. Where do you think I got my sense of humour and charm from?"

People from all over the world have been following the drama, with thousands praising the woman for her sense of humour. 

"You are abso-frickin-lutely amazing. I love this display and where you're going with it," one person commented. 

"I cannot express how happy it makes me that you have purchased HOLIDAY OUTFITS for the skeletal pets," another praised. 

"I haven't laughed this hard in AGES! Thank you so much!" wrote another person