Woman dubbed 'evil stepmother' asks how to 'get rid' of 4yo stepdaughter in Facebook post

The woman was dubbed a 'step monster' by commenters.
The woman was dubbed a 'step monster' by commenters. Photo credit: Getty.

Christmas is a time of family, joy and peace to fellow men, right? Well not according to one US woman, who instead is planning on splitting her family up, just in time for the holidays.

Taking to a relationship help Facebook group, the "evil" woman  - who is seven months pregnant with "a precious little girl" - revealed her desire to remove her stepdaughter from her life, writing she "gets on my damn nerves".

In a further horrific twist, the woman explained she resents how much her stepdaughter strongly resembles her mother and "having her around constantly reminds my fiancé of his dead wife".

The woman also expressed concern that her partner's daughter would take his attention away from the couple's new baby. 

"She is very attached to her daddy and I'm afraid this is going to take away from my child's bond with her father."

"I basically want to tell my fiancé to get rid of her, she can live with her grandparents or we can find her a nice family that's looking to adopt," she continued.

Woman dubbed 'evil stepmother' asks how to 'get rid' of 4yo stepdaughter in Facebook post
Photo credit: Facebook via. The Daily Mail.

She added she wasn't sure "how to approach the situation" but wanted to find a way to convince her fiancé "to let her go".

Of course, the woman insisted she wasn't "a bad person". 

"I'm just trying to look out for my child and make sure she receives all of her daddy's attention without having her 'older sister' intervene."

If she believed she was going to get support and advice from the other 22,000 members in the Facebook group, she was out of luck. 

Disgusted commenters wrote they couldn't believe what they were reading, with some dubbing the woman a "step monster". 

"I hope the fiancé sees this and gets rid of the step monster and raises that baby along with his little girl on his own," one wrote.

"As a stepmother, I just have to say, what an absolute piece of garbage. That poor baby girl," another added. 

"This made me literally sick to read. That poor little girl deserves so much more than that hag," wrote a third.