Aussie mum says this three-ingredient recipe is the 'only bathroom spray you'll need'

The Aussie mum says it leaves her surfaces "sparkling".
The Aussie mum says it leaves her surfaces "sparkling". Photo credit: TikTok/ Chantel Mila.

Whether you're trying to save money or just wanting to reduce the chemical load around your house, making your own cleaning products is a great way to go about it

One Aussie mum has shared the super-easy recipe for her own multi-purpose bathroom spray to leave surfaces sparkling.

TikTok user Chantel Mila has previously posted videos of her handy household tips and tricks, including how to make your towels fluffy and spa-worthy, to easily and quickly cleaning the microwave. 

In one of her most recent videos, Mila creates the spray using a simple blend of ingredients you probably already have around the house.

All you need to do is mix one cup of white vinegar with two tablespoons of dish soap and four drops of tea tree oil together in a spray bottle.

Use the blend to spray down your bathroom - including those scummy glass shower screens - wait ten minutes for it to absorb, and then wipe it clean. 

"The warm white vinegar is a natural odour eliminator and stain remover, the dish soap cuts through grime and soap scum and the tea tree oil is a natural way to kill mould spores," Mila reveals. 

As an extra handy tip, she recommends warming the white vinegar in the microwave for a few seconds first as it makes it easier to mix with the detergent. 

Hundreds of people took to the comments to praise the hack and promise they'd be trying it out for themselves. 

"This is so amazing, thank you," one person wrote. 

"I have used this regularly and it works perfectly," another commented.