New Zealand business offering Kiwis the perfect little backyard pub

Ever wondered where New Zealand's smallest pub might be? Well here at Newshub, we think we've found it - and it could be in a backyard near you.

Welcome to O'Loughlin's - the smallest pub in town.

"This is a tiny little 3.6 x 2.8 perfect little Irish pub," My Little Pub owner Steve Rosling says.

O'Loughlin's is the brainchild of Rosling, who in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown got worried about his future career prospects as a commercial interior designer and got creative.

"I kind of thought is this madness or is this something that could be absolutely amazing which is why not actually give people their opportunity to have their own perfect little pub in their own backyard," Rosling says.

Starting at around $40,000, Rosling is creating Little Pubs for backyards across the country.

One in a suburban backyard in Christchurch is modelled on an English pub.

"We like to personalise it - you see there's a little cloverleaf mini up there," he says.

It was built in a factory offsite - the pubs arrive on the back of a truck.

"No building permit - it's a small enough footprint. Plug it in with a caravan plug and you're away laughing," Rosling says.

O'Loughlin's arrived in this Spencerville backyard just before Christmas. It's proving a hit.

"Ohh there's been some good nights haha," owner Terry O'Loughlin says.

An Irish pub in the backyard - all thanks to a bit of Kiwi ingenuity.