NZ Post apologises after video of NZ courier chucking package from van goes viral

One Kiwi courier has been caught out performing a particularly blasé delivery style: a home security camera has recorded him throwing a package at a house from the driver's seat of his van. 

Posted on the New Zealand Reddit forum with the caption "Thanks, Courier Post," the video shows the courier pulling up the drive, scanning the package and flicking it at a chosen spot out of sight of the camera, before reversing back down the drive. 

It's unclear what state the parcel was found in by the recipient. 

After viewing the video, a spokesperson for NZ Post told Newshub they wish to "sincerely apologise" for the "mishandled delivery". 

"This doesn't meet the high service standards that we pride ourselves on. We will be speaking with this driver and are working to support our people to continue to meet service standards."

The spokesperson encouraged the customer to contact them with any concerns.

Reddit commenters alleged the treatment of the package may not be a one-off. 

"I used to work at Courier Post in package sorting/handling and I can assure you this is the most care your package has received during its transit," one person commented.

"For real. I used to pick up vans from the depot at the changeover time, and have seen them straight-up drop kick packages across the room," another added.

"Ex courier here. This is pretty typical. Decent people will know what the item is inside a package and treat it accordingly though," another wrote. 

Others joked about the means of delivery. 

"Package status: Delivered via Air Mail. Signed by: doorstep," one person wrote. 

NZ couriers had a busy time over the summer months, with NZ Post's chief customer officer Bryan Dobson telling Newshub last year the company majorly ramped up in order to get parcels delivered before Christmas. 

"We've put on about 200 extra vans," he said. "We've got over 350 additional people to process parcels, there's over 180 additional flights."