People are making charcuterie boards for their dogs and sharing them on Instagram

dog grazing boards
Spoil your most loyal bud on their special day. Photo credit: Instagram/ @pet.bake.teach, @macieandmiles.

A classic charcuterie board is a staple at any party: a grazing platter typically filled with cheeses, dips, crackers, meat and fruit. 

In recent years, different types of charcuterie boards have been trending on social media, including breakfast-worthy 'pancake boards' and 'pavlova boards' for Christmas. 

Now the newest sensation taking social media by storm is a grazing platter not fit for human consumption - instead, one for your best and most loyal bud.

Pet owners are turning to Instagram to share the grazing boards - or 'bark-cuterie boards' - they've been making for their dogs. 

Instead of cheeses, nuts and fruits, these boards are packed with goodies like dog treats, meats and eggs arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

Of course, your dog will probably destroy it in about 10 seconds. But it's the thought that counts. 

Great options to add to your 'bark-cuterie board' include fresh fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, bananas, carrots and mango, cooked plain beef or boneless fish and of course, some delicious dog biscuits. 

While these are great for Instagram, vets do warn that each board will be very high in calories, so avoid feeding your dog the whole thing. Either serve it up to keep a squad of canines fed at your next event, or offer each animal snack-sized portions. 

Also double-check that everything you're putting on your board is edible for pups - there's a handy resource for that here. 

Otherwise, let your creative juices run wild, and earn yourself a few cuddles in the process.