UK woman buys series of films entitled Liar, Deceit on ex-boyfriend's Amazon account after catching him cheating

angry woman laptop
The unfaithful ex even found the act of revenge hilarious, calling it "f**king brilliant". Photo credit: Getty.

A scorned UK woman has pulled off an act of revenge many of us probably wish we'd thought of after she caught her boyfriend cheating. 

After checking her partner's phone while he slept and discovering he was unfaithful, Lauren Lilley took matters into her own hands and racked up £500 (NZ$950) worth of telling film titles on his Amazon account. 

According to Metro, after throwing him out of the house the 29-year-old sat in bed "crying and laughing", buying hundreds of Bollywood titles including Cheater, Deceitful, The Unworthy, and Liar. 

"The names of these Bollywood films were great," Lilley said, adding she "had fun doing it". 

"It's a creative way to get back at someone. I'm definitely going to tell the grandkids about it. I can even pat myself on the back for it because it was pretty funny." 

The nurse claims her ex-boyfriend Nathan has since been in touch to congratulate her on the creative act of revenge, which he allegedly called "f**ing brilliant". 

It's not the first act of revenge to hit headlines. In 2017 a Melbourne university student sold all her former boyfriend's possessions at a garage sale, to fund an overseas trip she was planning.