US woman reveals handy trick to stop loaf of bread going stale without using a clip

The hack is so easy you might ask why you'd never thought of it.
The hack is so easy you might ask why you'd never thought of it. Photo credit: TikTok.

Whether you keep your bread in the pantry (correct) or the fridge (insane), too often a loaf will go stale before reaching the end, meaning it's no good for anything but the bin - contributing to even more food waste. 

But once again TikTok has given us a handy hack we should adopt into our everyday lives showing how to seal a bag of bread without using a clip, allowing the loaf to stay fresh right until the end. 

US woman Emily Arnold posted a video on the social media app revealing she simply twists the top half of the bread bag so it's tightly sealed, before folding the open end of the bag back over the top of the loaf of bread.

"I was today years old when I learned this from my friend... [you] learn something new every day," she captioned the video. 

"I've been missing out for 24 years." 

The clip has been viewed more than 4 million times on the platform, with impressed viewers commenting they were immediately going to try it themselves. 

"I really don't know how to do anything properly," one person wrote. 

"I learn more from TikTok than I do my degree," another joked. 

"Thing 476 I learned from TikTok," another wrote.

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