'110 percent Aussie' man lashes out at reporter while barbecuing in local park during lockdown

The man has been described as "a true Aussie" by commenters, but others aren't impressed.
The man has been described as "a true Aussie" by commenters, but others aren't impressed. Photo credit: 7 News.

A clip of a "true Aussie" man barbecuing sausages on the banks of Melbourne's Yarra River has gone viral thanks to his aggressive response when asked by a reporter if he was aware the city was in lockdown. 

Similar to Auckland, Melbourne residents are under lockdown this week thanks to several community-transmitted cases of COVID-19. The level 4 restrictions put in place mean Victorians can only leave the house essential reasons - food shopping, work, care-giving or to exercise. 

However that didn't stop an unknown resident cooking up a sausage sizzle at a local park, according to a 7 News clip. 

In the video since shared to TikTok account Aussiememes101, a camera crew approaches the man barbequeing an array of sausages and onions, using a public grill. 

"You do realise there's a lockdown," the reporter can be heard asking as he offers the microphone into the man's face. 

The man appears to dodge the question, instead replying: "These snags are going to be good as," before slapping the reporter's microphone some distance away, almost hitting a cyclist. 

The clip has racked up over 2 million views on TikTok, with some commenters calling it "hilarious". 

"You can't interrupt us Aussies when we're cooking snags," one person wrote. 

"Don't put a microphone next to a man who's cooking snags," another agreed. 

"He's 110 percent Aussie," another wrote.  

But others pointed out that the man was probably cooking for a crowd, therefore flouting the restrictions put in place for the safety and health of others. 

"With all those snags, he's obviously not alone," one person wrote. 

"This is why we're locked down and looking down the barrel of an extension [of Victoria's restrictions]." 

Aucklanders are currently facing their own restrictions during the COVID-19 alert level 3 lockdown, with a call on lowering levels expected to be made on Wednesday afternoon.