Internet calls foul on woman's 'life-changing' TikTok egg-cracking hack

The trick has racked up over 800,000 views, but it's dividing commenters.
The trick has racked up over 800,000 views, but it's dividing commenters. Photo credit: Getty.

Social media app TikTok has taught us many tips and tricks to make tasks easier, including cooking, cleaning and general household tasks. But while some of the hacks are tried and tested successes, others have divided users over whether they're actually making life easier. 

That's the case with one cooking hack recently doing the rounds, showing the "perfect" way to crack an egg into a pan: by simply dropping the entire egg in. 

The alternative method was made famous by TikTok user Maddy Sumner, who has nearly racked up 800,000 views on her video captioned: "Testing TikTok theories". 

In the clip, Sumner drops the whole egg - including shell - into a pan on the stove, before picking up each half to show the shell split perfectly in half, with no small fragments left to pick out afterwards.

The video inspired others to try the trick, including TikTok user Cameron Ghassem and Aussie radio host Jackie 'O' Henderson.

But others have dubbed the hack "ridiculous" and said the successful attempters were no more than coincidence,

"After 18 million tries you finally got it! Congrats", one person commented on Sumner's video sarcastically.

"Now try that with hot oil in the pan," wrote another. 

Other commenters were confused by the move, unable to see how it was any 'easier' than cracking an egg by normal means. 

"If anyone can't crack an egg properly they should not be near a stove," another said.

"Can people really not crack eggs?" a commenter asked.

If you're looking for a more universally successful egg hack, we'd recommend this woman's method of cooking "perfect" runny eggs, every time.