Pasta and peaches: UK mum's 'lazy' lockdown lunch for children slammed by other parents

The 'lazy' lunch drew ire from the other parents.
The 'lazy' lunch drew ire from the other parents. Photo credit: Facebook/Feed Your Family on a Budget

Many parents will know the struggles of trying to come up with lunches to keep children fed and happy while at home during the COVID-19 pandemic - especially during those long days of homeschooling during lockdown.

But one UK mum has come under fire after sharing the "budget" lunch she threw together for her two children - a plate of pasta shells and tinned peaches. 

"Lazy lunch for the kids before they get back on computers for school," she captioned the post in Facebook group Feed Your Family on a Budget. 

If she was hoping for a positive reaction, she would have been disappointed. 

The post racked up hundreds of comments, ranging from slightly judgemental to downright fiery. 

"This looks like plain boiled pasta shells and tinned peaches. I never would consider eating them like this, not in the slightest bit appealing," one woman commented. 

"I include a protein in every meal. That's a lot of carbs," another criticised. 

Others offered ways she could bulk it out. 

"Tomato sauce too - of course it's pennies, quick and filling, could always add a few peas and sweet corn too or some more salad bits."

But other parents leapt to the mother's defence.

"It's 'feed your family on a budget'. Pasta and tinned fruit is about as budget as it gets. People be expecting cordon bleu on this group," one person wrote.

"Would love to see the three-course gourmet meals all these perfect mums seem to be cooking for their kids seven days a week 365 days of the year," another agreed. 

It follows a trend of 'lunchbox shaming' that has recently been rife in parenting Facebook groups. 

One UK mother says her son was recently told off for bringing an "unhealthy" lunch to school - because of three cookies that were included.