Photo of bizarre Westfield shopping trolly bay leaves shoppers scratching their heads

"You had one job Westfield."
"You had one job Westfield." Photo credit: Facebook via. 7 News.

A shopping trolley bay which appears to defy the laws of physics at a Westfield mall in Canberra has left the internet baffled. 

According to 7 News, the photo of the bizarre bay was posted into a Canberra Facebook group by shopper Collette. 

While on first glance the trolley bay appears normal, with one Coles supermarket trolley inside, closer inspection reveals there is no entry point as all four sides of the enclosure are blocked off. 

The point of the bay that you would normally drive your trolley into is against the wall - leaving the trolley 'trapped' inside. 

Commenters found the bizarre feat of engineering hilarious.
Commenters found the bizarre feat of engineering hilarious. Photo credit: Facebook via. 7 News.

"I have questions," Collette captioned the post, adding a video of her partner attempting to lift the trolley out of the bay over the bars. 

Commenters found the bizarre act of engineering hilarious. 

"You had one job, Westfield," wrote one person.

"That's freaking hilarious. Either someone was having a laugh - or installer needed supervision," wrote another. 

"Don't touch it! The trolley's in quarantine," joked a third. 

But as it turns out, fingers shouldn't be pointed at Westfield just yet. 

One eagle-eyed commenter noticed that the bay wasn't bolted into the concrete, so a prankster may have simply turned it around to face the wall.