UK woman's horror after realising dream tattoo copied family home's fridge logo

Perhaps it was subconcious influence?
Perhaps it was subconcious influence? Photo credit: TikTok/@Phoebzie.

A UK woman has gone viral after sharing the hilarious moment she realised her new tattoo was perhaps not quite as cool as she thought - at least, not in the way she was hoping. 

The recently tatted woman named Phoebe shared the hilarious blunder on TikTok, explaining she had wanted her new 'wave' tattoo for years, often drawing it on her wrist in pen while she waited for it to be inked permanently.

"I love it so much... I would dream of the day I had it," she wrote in her video. 

But at her family home a year later, she suddenly realised where she got the inspiration. 

"It's the design from the inside of the fridge we've had for basically my whole life."

She then showed footage of the fridge's design, with waves on each shelf nearly identical to the tattoo on her wrist.  

The hilarious video has racked up over a million views from people unable to believe the similarity. 

"You and that fridge are bonded for life," wrote one person. 

"Fridge is love, fridge is life. I understand why you unconsciously wanted this," joked another.

"The fridge probably feels special," wrote a third.  

Others pointed out that the pattern may have been fixed subconsciously in Phoebe's head as a marker of home. 

"Really shows we're influenced by things we don't even notice," one person wrote. 

It's not the first tattoo to hit headlines. 

Last year a Kiwi man's tattoo of "spot knives" on a stove went viral after it was posted to the Arkay Tattooer Facebook page.