Woman says 'game-changing' mascara method will make your lashes look like falsies

If there's one thing we must trust Gen Z on with our lives, it's applying makeup.
If there's one thing we must trust Gen Z on with our lives, it's applying makeup. Photo credit: Getty.

TikTok has been responsible for some unusual trends over the last year - including life-threatening hair removal tactics and of course, the bizarre and dangerous trend of passing out for likes. 

That might turn you off TikTok tricks for life. But if there's one thing we should trust TikTokkers on, it's makeup. 

Teens on the social media app seem to have contouring, highlighting and bronzing down to a fine art - a far cry from the shimmery blue makeup and Dream Matte Mousse polyfiller most of us applied in our teenage years. 

Therefore we're willing to trust one woman's hack "game-changing" for applying mascara, and we'll be bookmarking it for our next big event. 

In a recent video, TikTokker Taylor Tripler says she's been applying her mascara differently since high school and has racked up many compliments over the years. In fact, she says people often think she's wearing false eyelashes. 

Tripler says the trick is to scoop the product out using the mascara wand, instead of pumping it in and out of the tube. 

She then takes the wand and holds it upright, wiping it left and right along the bottom of her top eyelashes until all the lashes are covered in mascara. 

Once that's been done a few times, she turns the brush on its side and applies up along the length of the lash as usual.

Finally, Tripler waits for the mascara to dry, before taking a cotton bud and running it along her eyelid, to clean up any mess that may have been made.

The video has racked up hundreds of thousands of views, with many commenters saying rushing off to immediately try the trick. 

"Just did this...my lashes look FANTASTIC. GAME CHANGER," wrote one fan. 

"I've never seen this technique before but I'll definitely try," wrote another. 

But others felt the hack just wasn't right. 

"Looks great but makes me uncomfy," one person commented. 

"I feel like I just watched someone open a KitKat and take a bite right out of it," another joked.