Woman says viral sleep hack 'cured insomnia', will help you drop off to sleep in five minutes

You might want to bookmark this one if you've been tossing and turning of late.
You might want to bookmark this one if you've been tossing and turning of late. Photo credit: Getty.

Many of us are familiar with the struggle of tossing and turning in bed, unable to drop off to sleep. 

Over the summer months this has often been due to the heat and humidity - now with Auckland under COVID-19 alert level 3 lockdown and the rest of the country in level 2, many of us will again be suffering anxiety-driven sleepless nights. 

But one US woman has shared on TikTok her hack for falling asleep, which she claims cured her insomnia. 

The woman, who goes by 'psychologee' on the social media app, says the trick was shared by her psychology professor and will help you "fall asleep in five minutes".

She explained that all you need to do is to start listing bizarre, unrelated things in your head. Her example list included: potatoes, Tarzan and a violin.

You could use any unrelated examples of your own: fruit and vegetables, sports teams, colours and shapes - even things you might have spotted on a drive to work.

"The more random the better," she added.

The video has racked up almost 4 million views with commenters writing they're intending to try - although some revealed their anxiety would lead them to try and find connections between the objects. 

It's not the only helpful video shared by the psychology graduate. 

She's also shared study hacks revealing how to "drastically improve your memory for exams" and videos revealing interesting psychology facts.