Woman uses Diet Coke to restore oven trays almost to new in incredible TikTok

cleaning trays with diet coke
But it does leave you wondering what the popular drink might do to your insides... Photo credit: TikTok/Sister Pledge Cleans.

TikTok has taught us some pretty amazing cleaning hacks over the last few years, from easily cleaning a microwave without scrubbing to washing your towels so they're as soft and fluffy as ones in a spa. 

Now one woman has revealed on the app the genius way she manages to get her burnt and near-ruined oven pans restored to looking like new again, all without having to scrub with harsh chemical cleaners that can be damaging to the skin and lungs. 

In fact, it's using a product you may already have in the fridge - Diet Coke. 

In a video on her account where she shares numerous cleaning ticks, 'Sister Pledge' takes the filthy tray and fills it with the fizzy drink just to cover the bottom, before letting it sit overnight.

The next morning, she scrubs the tray with soapy water, and the "burned bits now just flake off", restoring the metal to a silver once again.

The before and after images of the tray have to be seen to be believed. 

While this makes it slightly terrifying to think about what Coke may be doing to your insides, the woman says the ways in which a "cheap bottle of cola" can be used for cleaning are endless - she also uses it to descale her kettle, and clean a toilet with "stubborn limescale."

"Pour a whole bottle down the pan and leave overnight, then brush 'n flush in the morning," she instructs. 

While the woman used Diet Coke in her tray-cleaning clip, she used the full-strength version in others - it appears not to make too much of a difference.